Aqualine Waterbased Coatings

Aqualine coatings are formulated to consistently give every printer the best possible results in terms of machine performance.

AL100 Single Sided High Gloss

Emulsions in the AL100 range exhibit exceptionally high levels of gloss and will therefore be suitable for single-sided application only. 

Carton printers generally use emulsions in this range, and for this reason the AL100 products are available in a range of slip finishes.

AL200 Double Sided High Gloss Emulsions

The AL200 range still provides excellent levels of gloss, but is suitable for double-sided applications as well. For this reason the AL200 series is highly recommended to commercial printers.

AL300 Double-sided High Speed Emulsions

Coatings in the AL300 range have been formulated to provide the very fastest drying characteristics possible. This rapid drying also permits the shortest backing up times of double sided work.

AL400 Product and Chemical Resist Coatings

The AL400 range encompasses a series of specialty coatings, including water, alcohol, grease and heat resistance; plus mvtr emulsions and soap/alkali resistant products.

AL500 Double-sided Matt, Satins and Neutrals

Possibly the most popular range of pulse coatings, al500 products include mattes, satins and neutrals. As with all of our coatings, this range is available for application via anilox, 3-roller coaters and jet web units.

AL600 Blisterpack Adhesives

These specially formulated products are suitable for application via in-line dedicated coating units as well as off-line machines. The adhesive itself has a very low heat resistance, allowing it to re-wet under heat and pressure thus adhering to the plastic blister.

AL700 Primers

A range of coatings designed for the subsequent application of UV curable lacquers. The primer itself acts as a sealant for the substrate, thus restricting absorbency of the UV lacquer and therefore promoting gloss and reducing yellowing.

AL800 Special Finishes

A myriad of different finishes are available in this range, including various particle size pearlescents, odour enhanced products and tinted emulsions

AL900 Duct Applied Emulsions

Printers without coating units can apply water based products via ink ducts. The advantage here is exceptional gloss and rapid drying relative to conventional oil based varnishes. The product can also be washed up using just water. 

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